Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog Post #1 Presentation to Students


The Board of Education of the City of New York has put together in clear language a Standards-Based Scope & Sequence for Learning (SBSSL). This document is a set of specific learning goals that outlines what students should know by the end of each grade. I used the SBSSL as a guide to create this assignment. This project is designed for 3rd grade students who are studing the theme "Communities Around the World."

Please click on the play button to hear the openning greeting.

Before we get started, let's take a fun, quick survey to find out what we know about Africa as a class. Please click on the link below. We will talk about these questions further in class.

Click Here to take survey

STEP #1) Below are two maps of Africa. In your groups, decide which country you would like to choose to complete this assignment. After picking one country move on to part two of the assignment.

Please click on the maps to enlarge them!

Please click on the maps to enlarge them!

STEP #2)

For the country your group picked, research information and try and find the answers to at least 3 of the following problems.


1)Locate that country on a map using latitude and longitude and discuss the physical geography of that country. What do you think is the impact of geography on that country?

2)People in different countries depend on and modify their physical environments in different ways. List the natural resources in that country and describe how the natural resources affect its own communities.

3)Human needs and wants differ from country to country. Explore how the people in the country you picked meet their needs for shelter, clothing, and food.

4)Discuss the national holidays, monuments, and festivals of the people in that county.

5)Find out what type of government the country has formed to develop rules and laws. Recognize that people in different countries have conflicts over rules, rights, and responsibilities. Is there any current conflicts going in the country you picked. If so what are they?

I listed some links and information below to help you understand such things as natural resources, longitude and latitude, physical geography and different types of governments. Please click on the following to help you understand the assignment.

Link to find Longitude and Latitude of anyplace in the world

Links about Natural Resources

Links about Geography

Link about World Governments

Links about African Festivals

Links that have general information on Africa

Definition of Physical Geography - The physical elements and processes that make up the environment: energy, air, water, weather, climate, landforms, soils, animals, plants, and the Earth itself. Geography: Mountains, Hills, Plains, & Plateaus

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