Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog Post #1 Presentation to Students Continued

#3) Put together a slide show presenting the information you have discovered using Photo Story 3.

Below is an example of a finished slide show that I made on the country of Tanzania. Please take the time to view this slide show.

Below are two videos that explain how to make a slide show using Photo Story 3. Have a look, but do not worry the program is really easy and we will spend a day or two going over it in class.

Below is rubric for this assignment. A rubric lets you know how the teacher will grade and evalute this assignment. Please click on it to enlarge the size (I embedded it on this blog by using on screen capture).

When building the slide show be sure to include the following:

1. At least 20 slides

2. Voice over narration for each slide

3. Inclusion of all 3 group members on the narration (take turns talking)

4. Put in background music (do this at a soft level so your voice can still be heard

5. Answer at least 3 of the 5 main questions during the slide show

6. Include a written draft of your narration. (to turn in at the end of the project)

7. (Optional) Evaluate what you have learned about your choosen country and compare and contrast the information to your home country (The USA). What is different? What is the same? What do you find interesting about your new country? Why?


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