Friday, July 11, 2008

Assignment 4 Part 2

Board of Education of the city of NY states that by the end of the school year, a third grader will observe and understand the relationships between the Sun and the Earth that lead to things such as sunrise and sunset, and changes in the season. Below is an assignment that expands on this subject. Please watch the two videos and complete the questions below. The questions are due on Monday.


1. At what degrees does the world tilt?

2. What is the lower half of the earth called?

3. What causes summertime to happen in the Southern Hemisphere

4. What hemisphere does the USA belong to?

5. In your own words write as much as you can to explain this question: What causes
earth's seasons? (hint: summarize the video)

6. Bonus Question: What does the word solstice mean?

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ESL Rivera said...

You're a natural :) I still have my own self-conscious issues about being on a blog/youtube video in front of an audience of billions.